The New Greggs Vegan “Sausage” Roll vs The Original Sausage Roll

By Tom Stutt / Jan 3, 2019

High-street bakery Greggs have started off 2019 by releases a vegan ‘sausage’ roll, as requested by 20,000 people who signed a petition by PETA last year.

The story of the Greggs vegan ‘sausage’ roll has hit the main stream media over the last few days and its had a mixed response, so we thought we have to try it.

Our verdict

The taste of both are very similar. The vegan version is a very good imitation of the meat one. It’s actually a bespoke Quorn filling, but I thought it had a slightly more herb-type flavor but it’s not too different at all.

The pastry on the meat version in my opinion was better. The vegan version seemed a bit tough even though Greggs say its a 96 layered puff pastry. The original sausage roll’s pastry seemed softer, and more flaky.

Original meat sausage roll

Vegan sausage roll