Nike Adapt BB Self-Lacing Basketball Shoe Announced

By Tom Stutt / Jan 15, 2019

Nike have today unveiled the new Adapt BB self-lacing sneaker. This move will bring Nike’s self-lacing tech to the basketball court.

The difference with this sneaker is that the tech can be powered by a mobile app or via two buttons on the midsole. Nike have called this system, FitAdapt.

The beauty with the FitAdapt system is that different fit settings can be set for different moments in a basketball game, including timeouts. The app will also allow players to change the colour of the lights in shoe and see the percentage of the battery.

The shoe will of course need to be charged and this can be done by sitting the shoes on a wireless charging pad.

Nike, with the help of NBA players will put the shoe through rigorous tests.

The first outing of the shoe will see Boston Celtics player Jayson Tatum sport them tomorrow night when he takes on the Toronto Raptors in Boston. The sneakers will be available on 27th February during the All-Star weekend and will retail for $350.

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