ASICSTIGER x Footpatrol

By Tom Stutt / Jul 24, 2018

This long awaited 2018 collaboration between ASICSTIGER and FOOTPATROL transports you back to the early 90’s with a story inspired by Japanese animé.

Originally launched in 1991, this new chapter of the GELSAGA story begins with a member of the FOOTPATROL team searching deep inside the archives for GELSAGA shoe inspiration.

There, standing dormant beneath a dusty shroud, his inspiration powers up. Like the crack of thunder an awesome robot is reanimated into life, and in a flash of light they create the next shoe… the GEL SAGA continues.

The collaboration team discovered that the original design for the GEL-Saga 1 shoe, released in 1991, was inspired by an anime mecha character. After researching the genre further the team found that the colours used in the project sit perfectly to continue this theme, with names like Titanium Grey and Iridium Blue.

The anime became the basis for an exclusive gift pack which includes a limited edition comic, a collection of stickers and a miniature manga style robot designed for the project. The pack is only available to the first 25 customers who purchase the shoe from either the original Footpatrol London store, or the newly opened Footpatrol Paris. Customers at Footpatrol London will also be treated to a full in-store experience complete with giant robot on display during the campaign period.

28.07.18 Footpatrol London, Footpatrol Paris and RRP £115.

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